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WARNING: This technique is dangerous. Do not attempt this technique on your own without proper safety equipment and protection.

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Meet the Artist


Holly Janvrin

Founder & Artist

I was born to be an artist – it just took me 57 years to realize it!

In hindsight, I can see that art was in my DNA from the beginning. My father was a wood carver and my mother was a painter in her younger days. Growing up, art was always my favorite class, and I was wired to see the possibilities beyond our original assignments. Colors and shapes both fascinated and inspired me.

Earlier in my career, I found a different outlet for my artistic talents – I worked at a high-end clothing stores, was a natural in sales and merchandising and eventually became a buyer for the stores.

Two years ago, my husband Marc taught me the process of fracking and I began to experiment with this unique High Voltage Art technique. My “aha” moment came when I visited a small deli in Newmarket, NH that had a bar top that was made using the fracking technique. I couldn’t stop staring at it … and I knew at that moment this was going to be a part of my journey as an artist.

Since then, many pieces have come together for me, and I fell into an ideal working environment at CI Works (an old mill building in Amesbury, just around the corner from BareWolf Brewing.) I love being in this space with other artists who collaborate, spark new ideas and create a supportive environment for each other. I couldn’t have asked for a better second career!

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Artist Collaborations


Stones Throw Acrylic

Laurie Eppa

Acrylic Artist


Creative Touch Designs LLC

Marianne Cyr

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Local Retailers

Find Holly B creations at these local retail shops.

Newmarket, NH

Hampton Beach, NH

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Steph's Gift

A gift from a beautiful soul.

Stephanie E. Langevin was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts on January 3, 1987, during a snow storm. She came into this world with a beautiful glow about her and never lost it. Her smile and laughter would light up a room and let all know they were more than welcomed. Her kindness and willingness to help anyone in need will be forever admired and remembered.
Steph had a great passion for rescue dogs, in particular, her Jack. Stephanie could have picked any of the others dog from the shelter that day, but she choose Jack – the one that had been severely abused and trusted no one, the one that would not even come out of the box to meet her and her fiancé Sam. Jack was the one she chose and the one she wanted to rescue. It took nearly a year for Jack to warm up to them, but Steph did not give up. She knew he was well worth it. That was Steph. She did not give up on things or people. A beautiful soul was she.

In Stephanie's loving memory, Holly B Design Company will donate 20% of the proceeds from all horse and dog pieces that are purchased to various animal rescue facilities. This gift will be from Stephanie.

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